How to Solve Disputes with Your Mover

So. Your move has completed, the belongings have been delivered and unloaded... And there’s something amiss. Even if you find a solid, reputable, registered mover from a source like Zipmover, issues can still arise.

So, what should you do when you have a dispute with your mover? Below, you’ll find an overview of actions and steps to take to make sure everything is resolved.

First, you should attempt to come to a quick resolution with your mover. But in the event no agreement can be reached, you generally have two options:

1. Seek an arbitration hearing

2. Take legal action against your mover

According to Federal Regulations, your mover must have an arbitration program, or a legal process to handle arguments. This includes disputes about property loss and damage, as well as disputes about the payment of extra mover charges.

If you go the arbitration route, you need to contact your mover to request a hearing — which they must agree to if your claim is less than or equal to $10,000. There is usually a fee for initiating an arbitration hearing. This is split between you and the mover, but the arbitrator has the authority to determine which party should cover the cost.

Keep in mind: If your claim exceeds $10,000, the mover may refuse to participate. In this event, your only option is to initiate legal action.

If you wish to file a lawsuit in your state, you need to serve or send the legal papers to the mover’s process agent within that state. A process agent is simply the representative of the mover. To locate the process agent in your state, visit this helpful website.

From there, follow these steps to find the process agent:

  1. Click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click CHOOSE MENU OPTION at the top of the screen. In the drop-down box, select CARRIER SEARCH, then press GO.
  3. Enter the carrier’s U.S. DOT or MC number.
  4. Click on HTML.
  5. Find BLANKET COMPANYat the bottom of the page, and click the link.
  6. This will bring up a list of process agents by state, where you can choose the appropriate one for your needs.

Dealing with a mover dispute isn’t exactly a fun time. But hopefully the information and steps above will help you ensure that the process is as smooth as can be, and leads to fast resolution in your favor.