Planning to Move?
Get the Knowledge You Need
to Prevent Moving Fraud.

If you’re planning a move, then you’re in the company of more than 35 million Americans. Whether it’s a career change, need for new scenery, or other reasons, moving can be stressful, to say the least.

Unfortunately, this causes many people to overlook the possibility of moving fraud — a threat that costs $16,200 on average per instance. This includes instances of overcharging, as well as frightening “hostage load” situations.

Many forces are working to mitigate this threat, including the federal government and the legitimate moving industry — but your role in staying protected is just as important.

Some tips to keep in mind while preparing for a move are:

  • Ensure your mover is registered and know the difference between a mover and a broker
  • Verify that all documents are complete before signing them
  • Notify your mover if changes must be made (move dates, new items, etc.)

Did you know you also have certain rights during a move? For example, you have the right to be present every time your shipment is weighed on the way to its destination.

You also have the right to numerous forms of documentation, including:

  • Written estimate — Dated and signed documentation outlining charges, including transportation, as well as liability coverage information
  • Order of service — Written confirmation of the shipment services requested, such as moving dates, contact info, and so on
  • Bill of lading — Your moving contract’s terms and conditions
  • Shipment inventory — Showing each item to be moved, as well as their condition

Nobody wants a move to drag on. But taking extra time to look over mover information and key documents can ensure your journey goes off without a hitch.

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