Know Your Rights Before You Move

Packing belongings, planning routes, and selecting a mover are often more difficult than they initially appear. And though there are bad actors looking to take advantage of well-meaning people, there are also federal laws in place to protect you.

Your first responsibility is to select a registered, reputable mover or broker. A great way to ensure you’re filtering out bad apples is by using a search service such as Zipmover.

Such services will show only registered mo vers, who are required to provide you with 2 documents:

Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move is a booklet that outlines the documen ts and contracts you’ll be signing and dealing with. It also explains your rights regarding lost or damaged household goods.

Ready to Move? is a brochure that provides considerations to keep in mind before, after, and during your move — including tips for selecting a mover, answers to FAQs, and additional information regarding your rights.

You should also receive additional written information outlining your mover’s procedures for addressing questions and complaints — and a telephone number to call if you require additional information.

Remember, you are entitled to these items! If you don’t receive them, you may want to check out our list of red flags to watch for when moving, and ensure your mover is legitimate.