Moving Companies in the Bronx, NY

Finding the right moving company in the Bronx can be a daunting, but necessary task. When making your selection, make sure to do some thorough research and obtain multiple quotes before jumping into an agreement. Here are several key points that could assist you when considering potential movers:

  • Shield yourself from unexpected damage or loss and secure peace of mind by ensuring the company is licensed, insured and equipped to protect you.
  • Get the scoop on a companys trustworthiness and track record by reading what other customers have said about their experience. With review ratings, you can pick up essential information to help make an informed decision confidently.
  • Experience: Consider how long the company has been in business and if they have experience with the type of move you need.
  • Cost: Get quotes from multiple companies and compare the cost, but also consider the level of service and other factors.
  • Its essential to ensure that the company you choose is not only knowledgeable but also communicative. You want a business who will keep open lines of dialogue with you and respond promptly throughout your moving process in the Bronx.

Remember to check with Better Business Bureau for any complaints and ratings.

Which questions to ask a moving company?

It's time to take the next step - calling movers that you've assessed and find suitable for your relocation. When speaking with a moving company, it's important to ask the right questions to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. Can you provide references or reviews from past customers?
  4. How will you protect my belongings during the move?
  5. How do you handle claims for damaged or lost items?
  6. What is your policy for delays or cancellations?
  7. Are there any additional fees or charges not included in the estimate?
  8. Do you have experience with the type of move I need (long-distance, international, etc.)?
  9. Can you provide a binding or not-to-exceed estimate?
  10. Can you provide a detailed inventory list of all items that are getting moved?

It's also a good idea to ask for a detailed written estimate and to review the contract before signing.

Are you planning a long-distance move to or from the Bronx, NY? Let us help ease your transition by providing a thorough list of long-distance moving companies in the area. Click here for our comprehensive list and start your journey with confidence by selecting the services best suited for you.

List of Movers in the Bronx, NY

Deland Moving & Storage, Inc.
Bronx, NY 10451
Simply Moving
Bronx, NY 10451
Ben Hur Moving & Storage
Bronx, NY 10454
The Bronx, NY 10454
Velocity Moving And Storage
Bronx, NY 10454
Serenity Movers
Bronx, NY 10470
Available Movers & Storage
Bronx, NY 10474
Blue Moving
Bronx, NY 10474